Caren 8:31am

A raccoon is a plum.

Jacob 8:47am

A raccoon is the pit of a plum.

Caren 9:03am

Is the scoundrel pit of a plum! is the unpurple shaggy exhalation of a plum

Jacob 9:03am

A plum going oops

Caren 10:25am

A bison is a big bicycle

Jacob 10:25am

A bison is a bicycle that’s turned to grass

Jacob 10:25am

A hand is a coat

Caren 11:32am

My hand is your hand’s evening coat

Caren 11:32am

with silent blood buttons

Caren 12:03pm

Jacob is thomas

Jacob 1:15pm

Jacob is the pitched annual current of Thomas

Jacob 10:18pm

An apple is a coin

Caren 8:50am

An apple is a coin blown into a fleshballoon, the stem a remnant of that coin’s rim

Caren 5:46pm

A banana is a slug

Jacob 12:14pm

A banana is the outer sack of a slug, is a burlap slug

Jacob 2:55am

A piano is a balloon

Caren 5:13am

A piano is a mahogany balloon full of helium and the keys are expressive needles unraveling helium from the piano’s skin in tune. the end of a song is a piano’s deflation. then another piano is blown in the corner and the next music comes into the air

Jacob 8:12pm

A family is a fuzz

Caren 8:12pm

A family is a fuzz, if a fuzz is a house on fire with the softness of continuous harsh experience

Caren 3:31pm

A sack is a cloth

Jacob 5:00pm

A sack is a fletched cloth, fetched and feathered and sagging with lead. Red lead birds, and a few lead rabbits, none of them dead, all of them dead.

Jacob 8:58am

Salted leather is black oil.

Caren 9:23am

Salted leather is black oil dried on the sill, and salted with beefbreath

Jacob 12:11pm

Snow is iron

Caren 1:17pm

Snow is white iron. snow is soft iron. snow is cold iron. snow is iron, falling.

Caren 1:17pm

A is Z

Jacob 3:47pm

A is leftover Z, the first fallen petal of an alphabet in which Z is the last crumbled clove

Jacob 11:01pm

A deer is a rabbit

Caren 11:01pm

A deer is a rabbit pulled into shins.

Caren 11:19pm

A throat is a foot

Jacob 11:19pm

A throat is a foot on scaffolds.

Jacob 4:23pm

Gray is blue

Caren 8:46am

Gray is the outpost of blue.

Caren 8:46am

Blue is gray

Jacob 5:47pm

Blue is the wet heron of gray, its wing and turbulent ardor, its ice and melt and candor, a folly party of princes, an outside of excesses, all sutured, all salted, is gray succumbing.

Jacob 12:17pm

A fish is a bird

Caren 12:53pm

A fish is a bird stabbed full of helium and flayed full of feathers so he rises from the river.

Caren 12:53pm

Dickens is Dickinson.

Jacob 3:56pm

Dickens is the house of Dickinson, the decrescendo and hearth afloat, the windows leading up more and more stairs, the ice hinting at ice.

Jacob 3:18pm

Pathos is a pilgrimage

Caren 11:48pm

Pathos is a sad pilgrimage . . .

Caren 5:49pm

Jacob is Jacobean

Jacob 9:17pm

Jacob is the coarsest Jacobean, the woolen one, mulled over and fattened, dried with turmeric and thyme and decided, popped cocoon in a century’s mouth.

Jacob 2:30pm

Caren is caring

Caren 6:47pm

Caren is truly the carrion of caring. carry on, caren, you important death full of nutrition, caren who cares, the n buzzing, ending care, opening the carrion

Jacob Kahn was born and raised in Salt Lake City. Since 2008, he has lived Missoula, Montana, which is a good place to travel to and away from. Current favorite animal is a heron-horse (a heron on a horse) and current favorite shape is a pink spiral. He doesn’t understand math.

Caren Beilin was born and raised in Philadelphia. She has seen all the herons she has ever seen in Missoula, Montana, and now lives in Salt Lake City.