appropriated (mostly) from Joan Mitchell painting titles



Landscape, untitled, my landscape <wind>

took a low trip

sun broken on water <gale> like

sunflower petals

blue        hemlock           

against these tournesols <squall> will not

heel, sit, stay

tournesols go from late to early        post weeds

<puff> <puff>

in the mooring

the lot        little trips <chinook>

but it <tempest> got too <tempest> cold 

<blast> for trees, untitled, on <blasted> the <blasted> Riviere  

City    <sigh> <mistral>

too cold for ladybugs or la vie en rose

landscape salut, went swimming <gasp> in Minnesota

my landscape <blows>

my blue <flutter> <windstorm> landscape


chatiere <tornado> makes grand carrières

hole, but it got too cold        hole

hole <exhale> hole <suck in>


many <draught> Yves         from late to early

bracket        these        trees  

and        then        again



Jennifer Pilch is the author of Deus Ex Machina (Kelsey Street Press, forthcoming 2015).  Recent poems can be found in Berkeley Poetry Review, Dusie, Fence, N/A, Pith, Summer Stock, Tarpaulin Sky Magazine, and TYPO.  She edits La Vague Journal: