Le Treport

Flashes              the fabled casino               on the French sea
I have wanted this quiet for so long               and everything
else can go fuck itself                 meanwhile I am going to be
the biggest possible thing     I am not       going to apologize
for admiring myself                         I can barely recall myself
a small open meaning      a small open drink      I think I am
made of unwanted feasts                           trembling like eggs       
along the horizon.



No more things should be presumed to exist than
are absolutely necessary.

- William of Ockam, 14th century

All morning the stained glass demons frenzy                 their
weird asses and naked arrows           their fingers that point
everyone pretends not to notice                                            
here is the man of the hour!
       fried bread and warm beer
this kills me         for hours I follow          a red bobbing light
to wake at night knowing              something moves through
the rushes                      to hear a voice from the neighboring
village               radial and splendid             call out my name.

Ansley Clark is an MFA candidate at University of Colorado Boulder, where she also teaches creative writing. Her poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Sixth Finch, Jellyfish, DIAGRAM, Denver Quarterly, Black Warrior Review, and elsewhere. Her chapbook Geography will be released from dancing girl press in fall 2015.