Boi Map

I am boi am gesturing am boi gesticulating I am boi ges tating I am boi just stating the obvious I am boi or am I boy I am boy with a lo()()()()ng sense of excuses I am boy with childish humor truth or dare I am boy am body my gender is faggot I am boy am in need of a daddy I have a lot of student loans boy in distress boy classic boy chic boy in classy clothes with a classy theme song hear me: I eat men like hair I cough them up unattractively am boy well defined well look at these borders this body boarded with body confusion confused with gender my gentle is ginger as a gingerly touching my gender is on the market with pictures of my body in cheap clothing clothed off from any sense of decision my gender is expensive cheap chic looks fucking amazing on a mannequin I am a headless mannequin in a department store looking at you creepily but wait I don’t have a head my hips thrust sideways and it looks uncomfortable but it is powerful I am powerful I have the sexiest plastic thighs you have ever seen a man in a jersey has to excuse himself these hairless plastic thighs wrapped tightly around his neck he can’t he can’t he can he cuh he cuh ok but really my gender eats sprinkles and shits glitter and eats glitter and shits glitter and eats shit so fab my gender so ready to till the soil of my bones so tender I do break easily sticks and dildos break in my gender is platonic is ready my body is gasping gaping


Travis A Sharp is a queer poet, intermedia writer, and book artist living in Seattle. Travis is a co-founding editor of Small Po[r]tions Journal / Letter [r] Press, is an editor at Essay Press, and works for the Bagley Wright Lecture Series on Poetry. Travis’ work has appeared with or is forthcoming from Columbia Poetry Review, Big Lucks, Entropy, The Conversant, Deluge, Pacifica Literary Review, Belleville Park Pages, Tinderbox, and elsewhere. Travis has an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington, Bothell, where Travis now tutors and teaches writing.